East Tour

Tuesday, Friday and Saturday - €22,00

Pick-up from the hotel on a minibus up to 8 people with a Tour Guide( the tour guides drive and provide information) and at the end of the day we also transport you back to your hotel.

All you really have to do is sit, relax and enjoy a lovely trip through the island.
All the full day tours take about 8 hours and start around 09:00 AM and end at 05:00 PM (09h to 17h).

Price : 22€

ItineraryCamacha - Pico Arieiro - Ribeiro Frio - Achada do Cedro Gordo - São Roque do Faial - Faial - Santana - Porto da Cruz - Machico - Caniçal - Ponta de São Lourenço

Camacha (30 minutes) - Highest town of the island. Home to the original Folklore group we call "Bailinho" and the main producer of the wicker/basket industry. Also it is the place where we had the first football match in Portugal. In the year 1875 an English family brought the first football. 

Pico Arieiro (20 minutes) - Third highest peak of the island at 1818 metres of altitude. Get some of the best possible views of the island and see quite the panoramic view to many places of the east tour. 

Ribeiro Frio (15 minutes) - Natural park at 870 metres of altitude, where you can find many of our endemic flowers and trees. Visit the ecological park where we raise the rainbow trout in order to find ecological balance to the madeiran rivers.

Porto da Cruz (25 minutes) - Visit to the sugar cane mill.

Santana (From 1 hour to 1h30 minutes) - Town with the traditional houses common to the northeast of the island. These are the houses with the straw rooftops and traditional Madeira country style. Very common houses until the 1950's in the region of Santana.

Pico do Facho (20 minutes) - - viewpoint at 322 metres of altitude with a panoramic view to the airport, the town of Machico and Ponta de São Lourenço. One of the best viewpoints of the Island.

Ponta de São Lourenço (20 minutes) - The tip of the island. See one of the most incredible areas of the island. You have a great sea view and also a great view to the town of Caniçal and Machico.

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